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Barranco: Walks, Bars and Artists

The well know district of Barranco is located, along with Chorrillos, at the southern end of Lima Bay, next to the shoreline. It has two clearly defined areas which are separated by the Avenida Bolognesi. One is an old up-market residential area, and the other is more of a working class abode.

In the old part, which lies between the sea-front and the Avenida Bolognesi, you can wander through colourful and quiet housing estates built in the mid nineteenth century, and through parks and garden areas as well. Following the sea-front towards the south, from where you can see the various beaches which line the coast, you will eventually arrive at the Bajada de los Baños, a romantic location where one can eat typical local dishes, or enjoy a drink while gazing out over a beautiful ocean-view.

As you pass through this area, you arrive at the Municipal Park which still looks as it did when Lima was a much more opulent city. Most of Barranco's cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs are to be found in the huge buildings that surround the local square, which itself is often a bee-hive of creative activity. All these pubs and old bars, such as the popular Bar Juanito, together make this one of the most vibrant places in Lima. It is a magnet for the city's artists, bohemians and locals when they want to go out on the town and have a good time.

Miraflores: Shopping, Beach and Nightlife

Miraflores is without a doubt the area with the most commercial activity and the tourists generally flock here in droves. It has shopping malls, cinemas, hotels, and the highest concentration of cafés in Lima. Along the shoreline it also boasts beaches which are great for surfing, and a long sea-front where one can take a stroll, admire the view and breathe in the fresh sea air.

Because of its location, Miraflores is bordered by an extensive promenade, which you need to cross so as to gain access to the beaches, the water-front parks and the new Larcomar shopping centre .

The district is also well-known for its nightlife, and most tastes and interests are well catered for. Whether you are looking for a pizza, or taking to the floor in one of the modern dance clubs, which offer the latest techno and "trance" sounds, you should not be left disappointed. The Bizarro club opposite Miraflores' central park is a good choice, as are the ones in the Larco Mar shopping centre. The gay scene is served by Gitano, located in the appropriately named Berlin street.

Lima City Centre

The streets, squares and alleyways of the historical centre of Lima have a myriad of cafés and restaurants, of all different styles which range from classic turn of the century such as the Palais Concert, or that of the Bolívar, to the most modern such as Café Café and Bohemia in Santa Rosa passage.

Its old streets with their colonial and republican buildings house various museums; beautiful, cavernous Renaissance and Baroque churches; huge old houses of particular historical interest like Osambela and Torre Tagle; as well as museums in San Francisco, the Banco de la Reserva (National Reserve Bank) and the Museo de Arte de Lima (Lima Arts Museum(, close to the Justice Palace.

From the huge Plaza de Armas, you have the choice of wandering along one side of the Government Palace towards the charming little square in front of San Francisco Church. And on the other side of the palace you will find a passage known as Chabuca Granda; here you can enjoy typical local sweetmeats, and if you are lucky, catch a live concert of traditional local or Afro-Peruvian music.

The streets of the city centre are full of traditional old bars which serve food and are imbued with an atmosphere reminiscent of by-gone days, such as El Cordano and the Queirolo bar, which produces its own wine.

The centre has quite a varied nightlife. You can find bars offering good beers, like La Cervecería or El Munich en Jirón de la Unión street; or casinos and up-market bars like the Bolívar. It is pleasant to stroll through the alleyways Santa Rosa and Los Escribanos, stop for a coffee or ice-cream, have a bite to eat, or browse through a bookshop. There are a few night-clubs in the city centre and in Jirón de la Unión, but you are best advised to steer clear, they are not the safest of places.

San Isidro

Originally, this district was an upper class residential area and the pretty neighbourhoods are arranged around attractive parks with large, stately trees, such as Olivar de San Isidro, and the El Golf club.

Nowadays the area is better described as a shopping district with its numerous large shopping centres such as Camino Real. There are plenty of places to have a coffee or something to eat, such as in Miguel Daso street, where the cafés also offer the opportunity of good conversation, delicatessen service, and even a sauna.

Also alive with shops, cafés and other services is the Ovalo Gutiérrez district, which is especially popular among those who enjoy partaking of the finer foods in life.


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