Economy of Mayotte

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Economy - overview: Economic activity is based primarily on the agricultural sector, including fishing and livestock raising. Mayotte is not self-sufficient and must import a large portion of its food requirements, mainly from France. The economy and future development of the island are heavily dependent on French financial assistance, an important supplement to GDP. Mayotte's remote location is an obstacle to the development of tourism.

GDP: purchasing power parity - $85 million (1998 est.)
GDP - per capita: purchasing power parity - $600 (1998 est.)
Unemployment rate: 45% (1997)
expenditures: $73 million (1991 est.)
Industries: newly created lobster and shrimp industry, construction
Agriculture - products: vanilla, ylang-ylang (perfume essence), coffee, copra
Exports: $3.44 million (f.o.b., 1997)
Exports - commodities: ylang-ylang (perfume essence), vanilla, copra, coconuts, coffee, cinnamon
Exports - partners: France 80%, Comoros 15%, Reunion
Imports: $141.3 million (f.o.b., 1997)
Imports - commodities: food, machinery and equipment, transportation equipment, metals, chemicals
Imports - partners: France 66%, Africa 14%, Southeast Asia 11% (1997)
Economic aid - recipient: $107.7 million (1995); note - extensive French financial assistance

Currency: euro (EUR)

SOURCE: The World Factbook

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