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This is a travel site with an emphasis on the relationship that we have with the Earth. The phrase "Mother Earth" has been around for a long time. It has a different meaning for each of us. We are in many ways connected to the Earth - the air we breathe, the food we eat. Its magnetic attraction keeps us from drifting into cold space. For all of us, except the astronauts, the Earth is all we know. It is our home.

The Earth doesn't have national or state boundaries. But it is convenient and useful having a travel website organized by countries, states, provinces, territories and cities. The country indexes (above) will lead you to every country on the planet. There is information about a country's geography, people, history, economy, national parks, nature reserves and weather.

There is an index of sites about preserving nature. These are international (or non-national yet global) organizations such as the World Conservation Monitoring Centre and the World Wide Fund for Nature. Non-global organizations, such as a country's national park, may be found by following the country indexes (above).

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