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About us

Travel the World Safe & Prepared!

Hello, my name is Susan Laurent and my true passion from a young age has been traveling the world and especially appreciating the cultures that grace it.

Much of my travels have been solo and, out of necessity, I had to make sure I was prepared with research and important information about how to stay safe. I dedicate this website to sharing all that I’ve learned with other solo travels, couples, or families.

About our Content and the Mother Earth Travel Team

We have a small team of fellow travel adventurers and world travelers that write all of the content on this site. We are committed to writing purely from our personal experiences and original research that we do for our featured articles.

We utilize absolutely no AI content and everything is hand-written by our writers from their own travel experiences and research from the most authoritative sources, such as major world governments, country travel authorities, and other trusted resources.

Inspiration to Experience the World Safely

It’s a big beautiful world out there, but it’s also important to be prepared to have the best experience, whether it’s an exciting adventure or just a relaxing beach holiday. We especially pride ourselves on providing accurate and truthful information when it comes to safety.

Please understand that you can’t please everyone and it isn’t our intention to enthusiastically promote travel to all destinations. We are not here to just please the tourism industry.

Instead, we do our very best to balance the available trusted information about current safety considerations to provide accurate and honest travel views. We do this in a way that will be most useful to a range of common travelers. We realize that some folks are “adventurers” and are especially good at taking care of themselves in new and strange situations.

This is not the standard, however, to which we write our content. We focus on travel safety from an average traveler perspective. This also includes our priority for keeping families and those that may feel somewhat vulnerable when they are far from home in an unfamiliar place.

Thank you for being here and I hope you use Mother Earth Travel as a key resource for your trip planning for a long time to come. We promise to do our very best towards that end.

Susan and the Mother Earth Travel Team